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Argyll’s Brompton Mini O Bag

My Mini O bag has turned out to be far more useful than I’d imagined, so we outfitted Argyll with one as soon as we could.


I emailed Brompton, hoping that they would tell me that a racing green version was in the works, but they replied promptly and told me that they have no plans to release the Mini O in “classic” colors.   All those  currently available wonderful colors, it seems, are strictly for the faddists!


So all-black it was — and all-black was just as difficult to find this time around as it was when I went looking for Basil’s Mini O last year.  We bought this one where we found Basil’s — at Portapedal in Arizona.  Donna and Al are incredibly nice people to deal with, and got our Mini Os out to us in record time, both go-rounds.  (Search tip:  look for an in-stock waterproof bag where there are deserts!)


However, we needed a way to tell the two Mini Os apart, since Dr. Diarist and I pack ours differently.  I had a (color co-ordinated — take that, fashion mavens!) shoulder pad handy, so I slipped it over the one that came with the Mini O, and voilà, instant identification.  An incidental bonus is that the new pad is just bulky enough that the strap is contained when looped through the handle — no need to detach it to ensure a tangle-free ride.


Originally, I got the Mini O because of its waterproof nature.  I’ve since discovered that I favor it a surprising amount of the time.  The small and low profile means that I notice no wind drag when riding, and the inside is surprisingly capacious; it’s an ideal bag for small errands. (Above is Basil’s, lightly loaded.)


I use a variety of bags and/or luggage for the many types of riding I do; so far Dr. Diarist uses only the Mini O when riding locally (at this point, his rides are all recreational).  He’s been very pleased with this little accessory, which has plenty of room for discarded gloves, jackets, and the like, while at the same time, seeming to be hardly there.

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You know I share your admiration for this bag’s utility, Brommie. I didn’t realize how distinctive it was until another customer at NYCeWheels asked if I’m often on the Hudson River bike path – he recognized my mini-O! (Don’t try this at home, but I’ve discovered it’s quite waterproof on the inside too.)

You and Maggie probably are a distinctive (and pleasing) sight, what with her sleek black frame, your red helmet and the smashing blue of the Mini O! It probably won’t be long before we get to check out the waterproofing ourselves; the design looks brilliantly done.

I agree with Saul that the color is remarkably consonant. It’s green/yellow, a pleasing amalgam of Argyll’s shades.

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