A Well-Loved Brompton

. . . spotted on a train by Dr. Diarist, who was on his way to a professional meeting in Philadelphia:


It’s an apple green M3L with a Brooks saddle. The folding pedal looks original, but is the other one?  It’s black; I don’t know if the non-folding Brompton pedal was an original style, at one time, or if this is an owner customization.


In The (best kind of) Pink

Brompton Sleuth Saul spied this Brompton cyclist at the entrance of Schuylkill Banks Park:

Pretty in pink?  Oh, yeah — but look at those pinks!  Personally, I love the way bright, dark pink has become a color of strength, and is no longer strictly the province of vapid princesses. (I’ve seen this shade lately,  more than once, worn by athletic types of the assertively male persuasion, hurrah!)

Forget the princess racket:  How fantastic to be out on a gorgeous hot-pink-and-black Brompton on a beautiful day — and color-coordinated (cyclist and cycle)  in the best sportif style, right down to riding shorts!


A Brompton on a Philly Brick Road

While Basil and I are grounded, commenter and fellow cyclist Saul has become an excellent Brompton sleuth — his quick eye spotted this cyclist at Head House Square:

She looks like a serious cyclist, and serious about errands:  I think that’s the voluminous T bag on that beautiful yellow M Brompton.  Love those greens and yellows (including the crates in the background).  (Hi vis — it’s not just for safety any more!)

Photos like these just make me beam, too!


A Brace of Bromptons

Basil’s good friend and champion (and frequent commenter) Saul has been keeping a sharp eye out for Basil’s kind whilst Basil himself languishes in his closet.  Saul encountered this beautiful pair of Brompton bicycles (and their happy cyclists) on Kelly Drive Martin Luther King Junior Drive in Philadelphia recently:

They kindly agreed to pose , and I have to say that this is a marvelous picture — inspirational, even!   (Is it possible to have a bad time when riding a Brompton???)  Today’s guests are riding M6L Bromptons with rack sacks on the back, and the capacious Brompton basket on the right.

Thanks, Saul — and thanks, too, to these Brompton cyclists.  One day Basil and I may meet them ourselves — in the meantime, we’re thrilled to know that Basil’s cousins are out and about where Basil once rode, and will again.

(This post marks the advent of a new category:  the rather boringly-named “Brompton-Spotting”.  It’s been survival mode around the Diarist household for months now, and creativity is running low — though I reserve the right to rename the category should something more enticing occur to me . . .  )


In other news, Basil and I have had The Talk.  We don’t like it, but we’re OK.  As feasible, Basil will have the occasional outing, even if it’s not possible for the Diarist to actually ride him.  We must do what we must do.  We’re best buddies; a little bit of temporary bad luck thrown our way won’t change that!