In The (best kind of) Pink

Brompton Sleuth Saul spied this Brompton cyclist at the entrance of Schuylkill Banks Park:

Pretty in pink?  Oh, yeah — but look at those pinks!  Personally, I love the way bright, dark pink has become a color of strength, and is no longer strictly the province of vapid princesses. (I’ve seen this shade lately,  more than once, worn by athletic types of the assertively male persuasion, hurrah!)

Forget the princess racket:  How fantastic to be out on a gorgeous hot-pink-and-black Brompton on a beautiful day — and color-coordinated (cyclist and cycle)  in the best sportif style, right down to riding shorts!

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Excellent work Saul, although a true Bromptographer (?) aims for identifying Brompton model first & foremost – & rider/bike names a close second? (Bromptonauts being what they are, a short discussion will return info galore.)

I appreciate your comments, Ian; however, my encounters are often brief, friendly and direct, explaining to the subject the reason for the pic, gaining permission to publish, posing the subject, thanking them, telling them where to find it at some time in the future, and riding off to catch up with my riding buddies.

Splutter, splutter… “permission to post”? I shall have to be far more careful with my words – otherwise I shall be banned from Saul’s blog (when I find it – hmm, & maybe this one too?). No jesting now, but I was truly impressed with the photo & somewhat amazed at his response; quite some commitment to the cause!

Oh, wait, Ian — I think there may be a confusion here that I originally missed: Saul is getting “permission to post” from the subjects of his photos . . . a courtesy since the Diaries are so public on the internet. No permissions required to post a comment here — though Saul will have to make his own rules if he ends up writing a blog himself!

Chuckle… Interesting there’s confusion on my double-meanings? What makes you think I know? No bones about it though; Saul is tops & could also be a pretty decent ghostblogger?

Solving a puzzle may demonstrate the absence of confusion, in that the facts are being considered in search of a solution.

Who ya gonna call?…….Ghostblogger

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