Camouflage, of a Sort

Can you spot the Brompton?

ag-cmIt’s Argyll, green amongst the greens (and sliver amongst the silver).

Note: Basil and I are out-of-town again.  (No more icy roads; making up for lost time!) Reponses to comments and email will be slow or non-existent (depending on conditions) until early next week.

8 replies on “Camouflage, of a Sort”

Yikes! Looks like the green is poison ivy. Hopefully I’m either wrong, or you are not as allergic as I am.

So sorry for the very tardy response, Marcus. Dr. Diarist is highly allergic, but managed to tiptoe (with Argyll in his arms) through the greenery without a mishap. He’s had a lot of practice!

Brompton couple, bikes and people, spotted happily riding around Bar Harbor. Thinking of you guys.

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