Linus Bicycle — The Antelope Version

I love New York City.  There’s something fascinating on every block.  Lately, too, it seems as if there’s a Linus on nearly every block, too.

They’re amusing to look at, but are these handlebars usable?  Or just for show?

They must be functional, because I have a sneaky suspicion that the original bars aren’t, at least in this configuration.  It’s an interesting solution to the too-short handlebars problem, that’s for sure!

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Actually that may be the original bar, just flipped up with bar extensions placed horizontal rather than vertical. The stem may be extended more than safe also.

The bike seems to be a fixed gear single speed & with the bar setup it’s so difficult (scary?) to imagine riding it. My guess is that it’s a slow speed shopping bike, & maybe the upright seating position helps with control with a heavy load (& backpack). Probably comes very high on my list of undesirable bikes?

Here’s hoping the “antelope Linus” really is a slow-speed vehicle. I can’t wrap my head around the physics of the grips: “control” is the last thing that comes to mind. It’s amusing to see, but not high on my list of mods I want, either!

Hmmm . . . maybe righteousness is the goal, Saul!

I’d have no control with these bars. I’d be trying to work them like a plane’s yoke, which would get me into trouble pretty fast.

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