Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler

One of the cyclists I rode with on a club ride recently rides a Bike Friday Twosday Tandem.  I found this out while we were chatting during a break on one of the recent progressive rides.  Naturally, I went home and looked the bike up:  It’s a bit eccentric, and it’s packable, both qualities, of course, making it of intrinsic interest.

Did this exposure make it even easier to spot this Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler?  Maybe so, but it’s also bright red — and far more compact than most tandems I’ve seen so far.  Bike Fridays are folded or otherwise disassemble for travel, though the process is more elaborate that Brompton’s (especially for a tandem!).

Lots of cyclists seem to be inveterate tinkerers.  Check out this pannier:

Firmly attached, nicely scaled, inexpensive, and probably pretty impervious to the occasional bump, too.