Coffeeneuring: Day 6

Basil, my Brompton bicycle, and I are in Northern Michigan.  We rode from Traverse City to Suttons Bay (and back) to do our Coffeeneuring this weekend.  (And tried out a new GPS tool, but more on that later.)

c5-cfWe had hoped to stop in at an actual coffee shop, but this is now officially the off-season; many shops were open on Sunday, but our intended destination was not.


I had my latte at the aptly named 45th Parallel Cafe.  Basil tucked behind my chair, but I did get told later (nicely) that if they’d noticed he was a bicycle, they wouldn’t have allowed him in.  (The question didn’t come up until two cyclists asked to bring their full-sized bikes inside the cafe, well after I’d been seated.)  Tourist areas have their own sets of issues; staff here was very nice, but maybe a bit worn after a long summer season.

Day 6 Observation (for Basil):  A Brompton is a fine stealth companion.

Tally for the day

Day 6 Location (for Basil):  Cafe in Suttons Bay, Michigan

Mileage today (for Basil):  30.01 miles/ 48.2 km

Total Mileage for Coffeeneuring 2014 to date (Basil):  63.81 miles/  102.5 km


Back home, Argyll and Dr. Diarist were keeping up their end of the Coffeeneuring challenge by stopping in at a local Wawa — a much-loved local institution that, in another geographic location, might be described as a mini-mart.  To its many fans, though, Wawa is something else entirely. Wawa started as a local dairy and is now a favorite of thousands who swear by the coffee, which Dr. Diarist enjoyed al fresco.

Day 6 Observation (for Argyll):  That Argyll has an excellent sense of balance!

Day 6 Location (for Argyll):  Wawa Coffee (it’s beloved!), enjoyed alfresco.

Mileage today (for Argyll): 2.9 miles/4.6 km

Total Mileage for Coffeeneuring 2014 to date (Argyll): 36.7 miles/58.9 km

Trip: 6/7

6 replies on “Coffeeneuring: Day 6”

No, Cathy, we always drive anywhere it’s possible. Flying within the US has just become misery incarnate. Basil rides in the trunk of my subcompact car. (Notice that this didn’t prevent me from encouraging you and Monty to do so!)

Hahaha! Will banish my mental image of petite Brommie hoisting beefy Basil into a teensy overhead compartment.

I have a feeling that when we fly, Cathy, we’ll gate check — unless I get to keep Basil on the seat beside me. I love my Basil, but I’m not sure anyone should be flying with 28 lbs of steel overhead. (Though now I’m wondering if I could do it . . . he really doesn’t seem as heavy as he is. Not that I’ve twirled him overhead myself.)

I checked the map & find your dedication to coffeeneuring rules to be… (struggling for words)

Oh, you mean the 800 miles/1287.48 km I drove just so that Basil and I could Coffeeneur by cycling 30 miles/48 km in Northern Michigan? That’s my Basil, Ian — he’s all about commitment and getting the job done!

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