Off Yer Bike Handle Update

This is just a quick follow-up report on the the Off Yer Bike handles sported by our Brompton bicycles, Basil and Argyll.  We’ve been using the handles for several months now; they’re holding up beautifully.  Dr. Diarist and I both recommend them wholeheartedly — they make a big difference in both ease of carrying and in

Dr. Diarist has never had trouble transporting two Brompton bicycles at once — he actually claims it’s easier than carrying one.  Even so, he says that the OYB handles have made this kind of weight-lifting much more comfortable.

We’ve also discovered an additional benefit of these smart handles: Should you happen to recklessly shove your folded pedal past the restraint click, an OYB handle will absorb the blow.


Not that you would.  But if you did, somehow, in a moment of utter madness, your Brompton would survive unscathed.

Also, an OYB handle will prevent scuffing of your Brompton’s yellow main tube.  Not that anyone here would ever have done that.  Not at all.  Or, if it did happen, everyone’s forgotten.  Trust me.

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“Trust me”? Since when did you become the doctor? Oh, & good “accessory reinforcement” – no going back now!

Hmmm, Ian — maybe I should stake a claim to becoming Dr. Brommie, based on my deep and abiding association with one specific Brompton? I’m sure there’s an online “educational” institution that would cooperate with the plan!

At yesterday’s Tour de Bronx, another rider asked how I liked my RAW leather handle. I said I appreciated its beauty, but thought the OYB was probably more effective. He’d heard that before. ;-}

Hi Guys,

Just seen your post on the OYB handles. We’re really pleased that they’re working out for you and making life easier.

All the very best,

The Off yer bike team.

P.S Love the hat!

Hello, OYB team — we’re still loving your handles here! By the way, that “hat” gets more attention than my beautiful little Brompton: It’s actually a brim for a cycling helmet: Da Brim. Kind of a perfect sort of quirk, just like your Off Yer Bike handle!

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