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Luggage Release Loop on a Brompton

The luggage block on a Brompton, like so much on the bicycle, is sheer genius.  It places the weight of front luggage on the frame, which means that there’s no destabilization when turning, even when carrying substantial weight.


But it can be a little inconvenient to reach under a bag to pull the release lever.  Fortunately, the lever has a channel running through it — it’s that little circle on the lever, below the block, modelled above by Argyll.


I added a cord loop to the release on Basil’s luggage block.  It loops around his stem, stays completely out of the way, and makes it much easier for me to release a bag.


The cord is run through from opposite sides, and knotted on each side.  In a belt-and-suspenders move, I also stitched the loose ends to the loop.

Viola!  Pull the loop and release the bag; no fumbling under the luggage required.  This might not be a big deal for many people, but my runty little arms really appreciate the more convenient reach.  It’s speedier, too.


I saw this nifty fix when I followed a link from a discussion of Brompton luggage.  Poster trrubicon06 made a far more elegant one (using actual hardware; his Brompton may be an older one without the channel in the release lever).  Check it out here:  trrubicon06’s Brompton luggage release.

20 replies on “Luggage Release Loop on a Brompton”

Elegant, clever solution! This would be very helpful on cold days when heavy gloves make it hard to wreste the release lever.

Fabulous idea (as usual); I find that too often I fumble with that thing. Thanks for sharing!

Well done for that bit of creativity. I am sure it will be very worthwhile. The bag release is one of those frustrating things where the ease of operation always conversely matches the audience numbers.

Quite so, Ian — why is it that an unknowing audience evokes such a result? I’m hoping the loop will minimize at least some of my human clumsiness. One does want to honor the Brompton, particulary when impressionable souls may be looking!

If you make the release strap longer and attach a “bobbing” toy, yet realistic, horse’s head to the luggage block, shouting “Giddyup” would not be inappropriate. Just sayin’.

Brilliant Saul, must remember that for a Reindeer head next Christmas. That luggage block is sheer genius (didn’t someone else say that?)

Oh, even better Ian! I’ve always wanted to add antlers and a red nose to my cute little car, but Dr. Diarist has no sense of humor about these things when it comes to motor vehicles. I’m liking the idea of a Basil reindeer . . . I can’t imagine any reasonable objection to such a flight of seasonal cheer. Dr. D does drive my car, but he does not ride my Brompton, after all!

Heh, heh. Will begin planning early.

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