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The last couple of months or so have been a bit unusual around here, and, as a consequence, poor Basil (and his blog) have suffered a (large!) measure of neglect.  Things are not yet back on track, but at least the various distractions are winding down.  It shouldn’t be too long before things settle, and, weather cooperating, Basil and I are back on the road again.


Our first and toughest challenge came when Sally, our little grey-and-white cat, suddenly developed diabetes, which proved uncontrollable, and a host of associated symptoms.  We lost her after a valiant fight to stabilize the disease.  She was, surprisingly, mostly un-fazed and un-bothered by her difficulties, fortunately, and her end was peaceful.  Our little herd numbers only four felines now; that’s quite a change, as all five had been with us for many years.

Then Dr. Diarist had a stretch of vacation time available, which he coupled with the various holidays, and we decided to dismantle most rooms of our home and put them back together in a configuration that best suits the way we use them now. That was a lot like moving house, but without, fortunately, the agony of actually packing.  I’m allergic to dust, though, and it turns out that when you don’t move floor-to-ceiling bookshelves for a decade, dust bunnies proliferate.  My lungs are gradually recovering; by the time we’ve finished with the house stuff I should be able to breathe normally again and put those pipes to the test on two wheels once again.


The Brompton Garage:  the only untouched room in the house.  The Brompton Brothers:  bored.

At any rate, we’re through the worst of it, and I’ll be back posting now, albeit perhaps a bit infrequently during the next few weeks.  By mid-February all should be resolved, and Basil and I (and Dr. Diarist and Argyll) should once again be as active as Bromptons, and riders, are meant to be — just in time for early spring!

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Relieved to hear your absence was (mostly) self-directed, and (mostly) improving your lives. All the best in 2015 to your human, feline, and bicycle herd!

My Dear Brommie & Diarist,
Our sincere condolences on the loss your loved kitty.
Chandra, T and the Fur Kids

PS. Below, I share with you a poem written by my friend Mrs. S.

The Last Trip to the Vet

Good evening to my faithful friend
Who shares my joys and sorrows
Yet I will take you to the vet
Where you will die tomorrow

You brought me love and peace and joy
And I’ll love you forever
But all that I can do for you
Is end the pain you suffer

If I die and then see you
Heaven really will be true
Then I’ll hold you and you’ll lick me
Together again, eternally.

What a lovely portrait of your little lost girl. RIP, Sally.

Wishing all in the Diarist household (2-wheeled and 4-legged included) a happy, healthy 2015!

So sad to see your news on Sally & feeling your discomfort with the dust. Commendable that you’ve rebuilt your home around the Bromptons? Roll-on Spring!

Was so sorry to hear of the loss of your little girl, Sally. Losing a pet is always difficult for us animal lovers. Only time wil heal your sorrow and the thought of being reunited when the time comes.

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