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S Bag Buckle Source (USA)

These buckles from Amazon (USA) are the correct “Stealth” (made by National Molding) type used on my S bag flaps:At $7.45 for 25 buckles, these are quite economical, and useful for many non-Brompton projects, as well.  I’m glad to have them, since my local EMS has been out of these buckles for a month now, and no one seems to know when they  might turn up again.  I’d be glad to support the local [chain] store, but that’s not easy to do when no one knows when, or if, the product will return.  (It hasn’t escaped my notice that the quantity price is less than a tenth of the individual price, either.)

Clicking on my order history at Amazon brings up this page; the Amazon reviews include a lot of complaints about the wrong size buckle being sent.  My specific order was filled by M Y House ;  I don’t know if this was a vendor issue, or something else, but my buckles arrived exactly as described, correct in both form and type.  I didn’t chose the Amazon first-choice vendor because I suspected that was the source of the size  problems, since most people would have chosen the first offered vendor rather than looking further.

You can order from MY House by clicking on the “2 new” below the delivery notice (to the right of the Amazon image), and then placing your order with M Y House from the listings that show up. “Super Saver”  shipping applies.

(I have no association with either Amazon or M Y House, except as a rate-paying customer.)

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What a timely question, Will B! Yes! Here’s the blog post, if you haven’t seen it . . . I’m overjoyed, and I’ll be posting more about my Brompton’s arrival over the weekend. PS–remember your earlier comment? Where you predicted that the agony of the false delivery would be soon forgotten? You were absolutely right!

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