My Brompton Tours, Trails & Group Rides

Sunday Ride

The day after the second progressive ride, I met up with a really nice group of people to ride from Conshohocken to Phoenixville.  It was a very typical day for this first half of January.  Crisp, cold and clear.

That’s not a complaint.  I really like these days.

Destination: Phoenixville, whose independent theater, the Colonial, has its own web page.

This crowd I’ve fallen into always has a snack destination in mind.  We need fuel, right?  Most of the group went to the Artisans.  In spite of the fact that you can see Basil there, a couple of us snuck off to Steel City.

Steel City’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa was calling to me. (The sharp-eyed will note that this photo is from August. I forgot to take one on this trip. The lure of dark cocoa was that strong.)

I took one more shot over looking the river, on the way back. We’ll have snow here soon, probably for a couple of months, until mid-March, and the scenery will be much different, unless this turns out to be an atypical year.

This was an unexpected opportunity, and I met a bunch of new-to-me cyclists who turned out to be great people.  I’m hoping to see all of them again on future rides!

This trip was roughly 30 miles, if I remember correctly, but I rode 35 miles in all, for total mileage for the weekend of 75 miles. Not bad for a barely-reformed couch potato.