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We Ride the West Side Greenway

Basil and I finally got a chance to cycle on the West Side Greenway, but not without a false start.  We started at 181st Street, and headed toward the river.  See the bicycle on this sign? And the arrow under it?

It leads to a dead end.  Basil and I turned around, and went the opposite way.  A block or two up, we found the pedestrian/cycle crossing above Riverside Drive, and were on our way.

We soon passed under the George Washington Bridge.

We quickly left the bridge behind.

Manhattan on the left, New Jersey on the right.

At 132nd street, Basil posed in front of the most wonderful grocery  store of all:  Fairway.

We passed this pretty little marina.

Is it art if it also serves another purpose? Steel girders have a beauty all their own.

These structures made me think of barns.  Maybe it’s the circle at the roof peak, or the red trim.  I think they are a sanitation station.

We passed the USS Intrepid at 46th Street

and, oddly, these horses, not long after.  Why would officers be on horses in this traffic-heavy area? It’s another New York mystery.

We discovered where the “Violation Tow Service” is, at 38th, but,happily, this isn’t something a bicycle rider needs to know.

Originally, I’d planned to ride down to the WTC, and take the subway back, but the day was so beautiful that I decided to cycle back.  Since I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have, we only rode south as far as 34th Street or so, at which point we turned around.

This behemoth is at Riverside Park South.  Was it once used to unload cargo?

It’s easy to forget how close traffic is, since it’s not terribly obvious for most of the ride.  This spot looked quite bucolic until a bus flew by above Basil.

Stone arch, 104th Street.

And steel arches, at 135th.

Soon we spied the George Washington Bridge again.

We got closer.

It’s really just a huge erector set!

Tucked under the bridge is an adorable Little Red Lighthouse, once immortalized in a children’s book.  Literature may have saved this lighthouse from extinction.  Never doubt the power of the written word!

New Jersey, with tree, just before the bridge.

Under the bridge.  Basil’s posing downhill here, but we were on the way up, by foot.

I was so disappointed that I couldn’t manage this incline . . . but as I was photographing Basil, an athletic type came by on a drop bar racer, at about 2 miles an hour.  (I felt better when I saw how he was struggling.)  However, he did make it up all the way on his wheels.  He traversed  the slope — zig-zagging his way across the bath in nearly horizontal lines up to even out the climb.  Brilliant!

Once we passed the bridge, the incline wasn’t as steep.

The trail passed through this stone arch.

Then it curved around and we looked back at the bridge.

Basil takes a break.

Suddenly, it’s obvious that you’re back in the city.

Here we are:  Up the ramp, over the bridge, and we’re on our way home.

By foot, I’m afraid, since I’m not cycling in Washington Heights.

The Greenway, though, in winter?  It’s perfect!

1/7/2013 – Edited to add photo of ramp, which I somehow left out (?!).


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Beautiful trip! Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks to the guy on the bike who unknowingly shared his method of handling the hills! I’ll keep that in mind; give it a go next time I find myself on foot…

By the way, I’m still waiting for my “Bea” to arrive; should be any day now, although I’m not letting myself look too much at the calendar; I’ve been stood up too many times throughout my life to fall for that one (something about a “watched pot”?…)!

Your Bea may arrive late, Seattle Rider, but she’ll never stand you up! I do remember those days of “not watching” my own Brompton pot, though. One day, she’ll magically arrive, and there will be no stopping either of you!

Great series of images…may be time for some self portraits with the BBike….I have a series of my Bumble Bee colored Brompton and also another English Bike( Moulton) with a variety of trips (including NYC…my partner’s father used to live at 10 & Broadway/Cooper Union but died last year) from England, El Salvador, Illinois, Denver, San Francisco…The Brompton has enabled me to travel anywhere with a bike…I don’t go places to bicycle, I just go places and the bike always comes along…thanks for sharing your thoughts and images…oh that front bag of yours is great-where did you get or have it made?

Thanks for your great comments, A J! what an inspirational list of destinations; I’ve already noticed how difficult it is to leave my Brompton at home, though we’ve not yet gone more than several hundred miles afield.

I think you are asking about Basil’s underseat bag? I made it myself — details are in this post. I’ve got many bits of luggage for my Brompton, but this is far and away the best for everyday — and holds much more gear than you’d imagaine.

Wow, excellent photos — just breathtaking! Especially love the set when you first got your Moulton. And is that an Isuzu Trooper in another set? I’ve got one, too, and love it — no need for it, though, to haul a Brompton around.

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