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Wire Basket for my Brompton

I love my Brompton luggage, but sometimes its full service, wind-sail nature is too much.  So I picked up a wire basket.

I attached it to my modded S frame, using black cable ties.

Then I headed off to the grocery store.  Empty, the basket was hardly noticeable; at least, I didn’t notice it.

I stuffed the purchased goods into a nylon shopping bag I always keep in Bail’s under-seat bag, and rode back.  No wind-sale effect, even with the goods packed up.

I’m going to like this basket for short errands.

As I was unfolding Basil, preparing to leave the grocery, a fantastically-well-dressed femme d’un certain age zipped past me, smiled hugely, and said “You look so sharp!”  I went home and took a picture of my garb.  It’s not every day one is so handsomely complimented while wearing a watermelon helmet!

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Love the basket and ofcourse you’ve also just had a little of what I call “The Brompton Effect” or in my case “The Bumble B Effect!”

Great website. I am searching for a black wire basket like you have for my Brompton. Could you provide info on where to purchase it?

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