My Brompton

Bad Boy

Mr. Diarist caught Basil in a compromising position when we were out together recently.  I was inside buying water, and this is not where I’d left Basil.

(“All he needs is a long board”, said Mr. D.)

This is not the first time Basil’s shown his anti-authoritarian side.

2 replies on “Bad Boy”

Olga, as you’re in Russia, I’m not sure that knowing about flea markets in the USA would be helpful to you. In any case, used Bromptons are generally very difficult to find, in any country. I’ve never heard of one for sale in this country at a flea market or the like.

Very rarely they get traded in to a dealer, and they do get sold on bicycle forums occasionally, but you’d need to be a member there, have a relationship with other members to find out about the sale in the first place, and someone would have to be willing to sell to you, based on “knowing” you in the forum. Unless there’s a Brompton forum in Russia, that would be a difficult approach.

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