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Errandonneuring On A Brompton Bicycle, Part 1

Rain was expected yesterday; instead there was a fine mist all day. Perfect for a first attempt at the Winter Challenge Errandonnee. On one 16.4 mile trip, I managed to knock off ten of the twelve control options.  Here’s the report.

Errand 1:  First stop was a small local bike shop, where I acquired a couple of caps for valve stems. Nice people at this shop, and they’ve sold me accessories, and done a little maintenance on my ancient Italian folder in the past.  Category 1: Bike Shop

Errand 2:  Next stop was another local bike shop a couple of miles away.  I’ve bought some accessories and clothing here; today I was asking about fingerless mitts, but I’ll have to check back once the spring stock is in, around March, to see if they have anything I can use.  Category 1: Bike Shop

Errand 3:  Returned 8 books to the library. Amazingly easy. Category 9: Library

Bonus shot: 7 hardback books and 1 paperback virtually disappear into the voluminous Brompton T bag.

Errand 4:  At the office supply shop I learned that the glossy business card pack I need so that I can print more of Basil’s cards is out of stock. Category 7: Not A Grocery Store

Errand 5:  Bought cat bed at pet store.  Copious numbers were in stock. Relieved to see that at least one serious errand will be knocked off on this trip.  Category 10: Wild Card

Errand 6: At the sewing pattern store, I learned that the pattern I’ve been waiting a month for is still out of stock.  Category 7:  Not A Grocery Store

Errand 7: So I found a miniature traditional fruit tart, and ate that.  Category 3: Dessert

Bonus shot: The fruit tart. Loved filling, loved the glaceed fruit, didn’t care much for the crust, didn’t eat it. Perfectly nice crust; I just don’t care much for most tart crusts.

Errand 8: Having sinned, went to local organic store and bought yoga book in order to further healthy living.  I’m calling this “health/personal care” since no doctor’s office is anywhere I can ride (rural roads, no shoulders).  Ditto hair cutter, which I avoid, anyway, like the plague, and I don’t do massage, nails, or anything like.  However, I plan to over-achieve with more than 12 errands, in case MG disallows this rather lawyerly interpretation.  (Though if a beer run counts, surely a yoga resource run should, don’t you think?)  Category 8:  Personal Care

Errand 9: Ate dinner at local Mexican place. Forgot to tell server I don’t eat rice and beans.  The huge stuffed poblano chili was more than sufficient, and tasty. Note Basil, tucked discreetly beneath the table.  (The trim on his saddle bag is just visible at the lower right.)  Category 5: Dinner

Errand 10:  Small neighborhood grocery. First time there.  Sells nothing healthy.  Bought newspaper.   Category 6: Grocery Store, also NIGHT.

Switched to basket for the night run. Bonus shot:  the newspaper.

Lights:  Cateye HL-EL135N Bicycle Head Light and Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Light in irregular flashing mode.

Bonus shot: Tron.

Stats:  10 Errands in 8 Categories with 1 Night Ride, 16.4 Miles Total

2 replies on “Errandonneuring On A Brompton Bicycle, Part 1”

You made me laugh. At first I thought Basil was a significant other human since you stopped at office supply to get cards to print. Then I thought Basil was a cat since you stopped fora a cat bed. Then you mentioned Basil being in the restaurant beneath the table and I knew that most places didn’t let you bring a cat to dinner, even as a guest. So I was REALLY confused. But then I went to the top of your blog, clicked on the link to Basil poses and aha! I’m not longer confused. Much. I’m still not sure why Basil needs business cards, but I’m open minded. ;-)

Thanks for the good laughs! And yes, yoga resources DEFINITELY count for personal health (if my vote is worth anything)

Funny, KWest! Apparently I tend to forget the little phrase “Basil, my Brompton bicycle” when writing up blog posts.

Wierdly, though, there was a chihuahua sitting on a diner’s lap across the rooom from me at my dinner errand, so I guess I could have brought a cat after all — though the cat would have been less willing to stay on a lap.

(I didn’t complain about the chihuahua. I’ve lived in Mexico. In Mexico the dog wouldn’t have been visiting; he’d have lived in the restaurant, along with a lot of much-less domestic critters.)

Basil has cards, by the way, because so many people ask about him. The cards get handed out judiciously to people who are especially curious. Watching a Brompton fold into one third its usual size does make people wonder!

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