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MG, who writes a blog called chasing mailboxes d.c., likes to set up challenges for her readers.  MG and her husband are hard core cyclists; an ordinary bicycling day for them would kill me. But I like reading about the events MG dreams up, and I may even give her current one a try.  Based, as it is, on errands and the normal activities of daily life, I’ve got a fighting chance of succeeding at this one.

The event is called an “Errandonnee” which is a word play on “randonneuring” events (rides of insane length meant to exhaust people beyond any reasonable endurance point which test cycling skills under interesting conditions) and the marginally related “coffeeneuring” events, which involve visiting a specific number of coffee shops within a particular time frame.

Category number 3 of the Errandonnee challenge is “coffee or dessert”.  Basil and I have now practiced, as you can see above.  For rules and other information, check out MG’s Errandonnee blog post here.  The event runs from February 9th through the 20th.

Basil and I may give this a shot, though I’ll have to figure out how to manage the night riding requirement (two rides).  Night riding is suicidal on my rural home turf, but Mr. Diarist may have figured out a legal, and less-harrowing, means of meeting the requirement.

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Thank you for the writeup! I really hope you’re able to participate in the Errandonnee. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m really curious to see who ends up taking part in the challenge!

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