Summer Bicycling Footgear

Still winter here, but in mid-February a lass turns to thoughts of spring.  I want to wear sandals while biking in the heat of summer, so I snapped up this Keen Commuter II pair when I found them remaindered recently.

If I remember correctly, the difference between the Commuter II and the Commuter I is that hook-and-loop strap across the top of the shoe.  The earlier version just had the bungee lock — which in my experience, isn’t much of a “lock” at all.  I was happy to see the more effective strip.

Covered toes are a must for me when cycling or traveling. Scraped toes rank high on my personal list of “horrors to be avoided at all costs”.  These not only have a closed toe, but a sturdy toe cap, so the digits should be well-protected.

These are true cycling shoes, at least in the sense that they are fittted out for SPD cleats.  I’ll never use this feature; I’m just too clumsy to trust myself in clipless pedals on a bicycle.  But this is the right sole for good power transfer, even if you’re a wimp like me.

I’m hoping these will be comfortable for cycling without socks, though I suspect that I may want liners on rides longer than about 10 miles.  Socks will look silly worn with the sandals, but I’m all about the comfort, so I won’t care if they are necessary.  Time will tell; I’m not testing these, sock-less, in the heart of winter.

Unlike my Keen three-season cycling shoes, I bought these in my usual shoe size: 6.5 US/Keen EU 37.  They are much narrower than most Keen shoes or boots, which works well both on my feet and on Basil’s pedals.  Off Basil, they feel great, and, in spite of the stiff sole, I don’t find them at all uncomfortable for walking, which means that they should travel well at times when I’ve got Basil with me but may also be doing some walking without him.

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Santa brought me a pair last Christmas. They’re great – especially with MKS cleats for my pedals.

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