Setting Seat Height

When a Brompton bicycle is folded, the seat is lowered to lock the fold in place.  It’s a brilliant and simple solution to ensure that, when carried, a Brompton won’t unfold and flop all over the place.

However, this means that each time the bike is unfolded, the seat must be raised to the correct height for the rider.  In good weather, this is easy for me; I know exactly to which  point on my body Basil’s seat must be raised.

In winter, not so much.  I’m not sure where any part of me is under my winter gear.

The guys on Brompton Talk use various methods to mark the post height. The simplest is permanent marker, but I found it difficult to see, and, though “permanent”, it rubs off.

Next simplest was electrical tape.  Perfect: All I do now is gently raise Basil’s seat until I feel the tape touch the seat tube, and off we go!

I assume that the edges will roll after a while, in which case I’ll just turn Basil upside down once again, and re-apply the tape.

If it turns out that the soles of my summer cycling sandals have the same thickness as my cycling shoes, I have another option in mind . . . but that’s for later.  In the meantime, this low-tech, non-invasive, solution works very well.

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Only because I couldn’t find the yellow. Electrical tape comes in lots of colors (at least the vinyl tape does; I dont’ know about cloth electrical tape). I admit the color bothered me, but Basil is about to get a completely different device, so I went for expediency.

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