Beautiful Barcelona Brompton

Saul, cycling ride organizer/leader extraordinaire, alerted me to this beauty:

I’d seen it some time ago, but forgotten about it in the bliss that has followed Basil’s entry into my life.  It’s an S6L, gloriously customized with the perfect S bag included.

I may be wrong, but I think the front fender is orange, and the rear fork and fender red. That makes this custom Brompton the rarest kind of bird: a tri-color instead of a bi-color.  Even the logo is customized:

Tempted? NYCeWheels apparently has one in stock (or if not, they can get you one!)  After you pick it up, consider heading directly out to LaGuardia — Spain is only a hop, skip and jump away, and what better Brompton to take there? Barcelona has a reputation as a superb cycling town.

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Saul on a Barcelona? Am I seeing it right? (Quite a guy… quite a bike… what could beat that?)

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