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Locks (No Bagels)

The water in the Erie Canal was so low the last time I visited that I got to see the locks in their full glory.

There’s no missing the usual water line on either of these gates.

The supporting structures are mostly concrete, but it’s fascinating that the gates themselves appear to be wood (though reinforced wood).  Or am I wrong? I should have looked more closely; next time.

What is that peculiar rectangular opening? Probably not an entrance to an underwater dwelling.  I’m guessing it has something to do with controlling the water flow.  Or maintenance of the gates, possibly?

It looks almost cozy, though I’m quite sure it’s not.

See that oddly-shaped bit of concrete to the left? It’s a pivot.

This arm apparently swings out across the canal in front of the lock. Do they protect the lock gates? Prevent renegade ships from slipping through when the gates are open?

Here’s a view of different one:

That pontoon and its associated debris make this section of the canal look a bit like a junkyard, don’t they? I suspect, though, that the raft is fully functional, and will be pressed into service when the season begins.

My car was the only one in the trail parking lot when Basil and I started out. Note the spectacular sky, which I otherwise forgot to photograph.  Love those roiling clouds!

Seeing the car there reminded me that I wanted a picture of Basil next to it, for size comparison purposes.

Heh, heh.  My Brompton’s wheelbase is almost as long as my small car’s.

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