Seasonal Change

Summer is coming, and, ironically, it’s time to retire the watermelon

in favor of the lemon.

The Nutcase watermelon is my favorite, and it is perfect in winter, when I want a little more warmth. However, in summer’s higher temperatures it’s just too warm, and there isn’t enough air flow.

Nobody beats Nutcase’s superior strap clasp, though.  It’s magnetic, and if you happen to start off having forgotten to cinch your helmet under your chin, it’s possible to do so with one hand. Once you’ve got the trick down, undoing the buckle is just as fast and easy.

The Bell helmet is far more comfortable than my previous summer helmet, and I much prefer the black visor over the old white one.  There’s also a nifty strap in the back where a light can be mounted.  I won’t use that in summer, but it’s good to know it’s there if I need it.

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