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Street Clothes While Cycling (It’s a “No” for Me)

I wore street clothes for my recent ride around Valley Forge.  I was running errands of various sorts, the ride was a short interlude in the day, and, though my appointments were casual, cycling apparel was not appropriate anywhere else I was going.

I was wearing denim “city” jeans, with a touch of stretch.  Sadly, the “stretch” in this woven fabric, while quite nice for everyday wear, isn’t sufficient for really comfortable cycling.  The sneakers (trainers) are adequate for short cycling trips — they have solid soles — but I much prefer the flat, unyielding, soles of my official cycling shoes.

It’s no problem wearing “regular” clothes for short jaunts, but I can officially say, having done it several times, that I don’t like it a bit.  There’s nothing like stretchy, stretchy Spandex and its knit cousins polyester and nylon for pedalling bliss!

(Just for the record, I’ll make an exception for any Tweed Run I can get into.  It’s only right!)

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Unfortunately, it seems we have to pay a premium for “normal” looking cycle-tuned wear. I’ve gotten a few Outlier brand pants that are fabulous for cycling and perfectly presentable for the office, but the price is nearly outrageous – unless – worn daily and over a span of years. I can’t justify their shirts. Carry a change of dress shirt in my S bag for a quick redressing in the office bathroom. For me, proper clothing is a cycling necessity to daily commute and I’ve found it worth the time, effort and investment to pursue.

I agree, Harry, costs are really high for cycle-specific day wear. For women, the selection is also extremely limited, whatever the price. Maybe both will change over the next couple of years. I hope so!

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