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5 Boro Tour Jersey

See what arrived just in time:

The 5 Boro Tour jersey!  Whoo-hoo! (A slightly lopsided vintage wire dressmaker’s form probably isn’t the perfect device for showing off a sleek jersey, but you get the idea.)

Look at those colors — could they be any better?  Highly visible, and Basil-compatible, both.

The date is imprinted on the back of the neck band.  I think that’s pretty cool, too.  On a practical note, I have to admit that the full-zip front is the best feature of all, since it will allow for easy ventilation during warm summer months (or on tour day, for that matter).

We’re packed and ready to go — Basil and I are, that is; Mr. Diarist will be holding down the fort while we’re gone — and eager for the big day.  What kind of experience will it be?  We’ll know soon.

(As a reminder, posts will continue automatically while Basil and I are off on our adventure, but response to comments may be delayed.)


4 replies on “5 Boro Tour Jersey”

You’ll have a terrific time. Be patient with the bottlenecks – families like to ride five across. The highways are great fun. Be sure to refuel at the parks. Enjoy!

I lucked out, Harry, by being put in the first wave. 5 Boro based placement on mileage per week, which meant that I was with the more experienced riders, so no maurauding families for Basil and me. It was a terrific time!

Have a great ride. I love Primal jerseys. They’re my fav when I wear lycra.

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