A Chance (Brompton) Encounter

For the first time ever, a Brompton-spotting in Washington Heights! And not just one, but a brace of Bromptons, accompanied by two delightful cyclists.

Sadly, I was not riding Basil at the time, as I was returning from hauling a package — on foot — to the UPS store.  I sent a Japanese ironing board home, and couldn’t figure out how to attach the long and unwieldy package to Basil’s rear rack in any way that would let me ride without obstructing traffic.

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A brace of Brompton mounted bicyclists battling buses, but not Brooklyn Bridge bound.

(just capitalization correction of first comment)

Apoplogies for my delinquency — I’ve been traveling again, and this time without my tablet, so Basil’s blog languishes a bit until I return. No slight intended; it’s just an unintended consequence of a too-busy life!

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