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Brief Ride, With Goslings

After Basil and I returned from New York, Mr. Diarist, his mountain bike, Basil and I took a short ride together on a local trail.

It was a lovely temperate day. Newly-revived greenery provided lush frames for the usual sights along the way.

We spied this hearty little family, too.  Mama was leading nine goslings, all of them larger than usual at this time of year, having (apparently) gotten a good start on spring.

Mr. Diarist offered directional assistance to a fellow looking for another trail. Whereas I can’t find my way out of an open paper bag, Mr. Diarist has excellent geographic skills, so it’s likely that the lost cyclist found his destination, as he’d had to good sense to ask the right person!

I snapped a picture of this house while Mr. Diarist was assisting the cyclist. It’s perched on a hillside overlooking a lovely green patch (and, now, the end of the trail).   The location must have been wonderful once, but these days the building is all boarded up and no longer occupied.

Below the house, to my left as I took this picture, was once some kind on industrial installation — part of a mill, perhaps, as they were once common in this area. It’s likely that both were abandoned at approximately the same time. I’m surprised, though, that someone hasn’t snapped up the house and refurbished it. Though it now overlooks a trail parking lot, the setting is still marvelous, and that porch would be a marvelous place to spend a bit of evening on a summer — or spring — day.

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And I should have realized that the directionless biker was not the one with the ponytail. I didn’t think it seemed right, but I often have other things going on when getting my daily dose of the blog.

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