Last Ride Before the 5 Boro Tour

Before heading to New York for the 5 Boro, Basil and I took one more longish ride at home; this one was just 20 miles/32 km.

I tried unsuccessfully to locate the ambitious woodpecker who was dining in these branches. I’ve read that cyclists have more to learn from woodpeckers than you might imagine, as their head anatomy is designed to withstand amazing forces, unlike our own, with or without helmets.

Much of the greenery was still looking a bit woody, but trees were blossoming all over.

Pennsylvania rock is an all-season thing, though.

In the parking lot next to the trail, I met the owner of this brand-new ElliptiGO. She was having some problems with running injuries, and thought it would be a good tool for less-harmful cross-training. She’d picked it up the day before, and this was her first time using it.

When I saw her later on the trail, she was zipping along. I called out, asking how the ride was.  “Harder than running” she yelled.

We spoke to a gent in the parking lot who told us that he’d just bought this house, right next to the trail.  He claimed that he’d  happened to see the real estate agent put up the “for sale” sign, and hours later had made the purchase. I’d noticed earlier that there was a storage pod in the driveway; instead of unpacking, the proud new owner was already on the trail, checking out his new ‘hood.

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Where is said house?

You were very kind with cape comments below. I knew I was taking a big risk, but you responded with the graciousness that I would expect. As Elaine was told on the Jackie Kennedy Seinfeld episode, “You can’t be a little gracious. You’re either gracious or you’re not.”

It’s on the Chester Valley Trail, Saul (Malvern, maybe?). The trail crosses a pike (or two?), and passes by a couple of small neighborhoods. I think this house is on the edge of one of those.

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