El Puerto Ricano

Spotted on the Upper East Side:  This is a small bicycle.  As a reference point, it’s parked in front of a smallish pick-up truck.

I had to look twice; I thought it must be a really fancy child’s bike.  I think not, though. This is one seriously customized ride. Look at that front wheel:

Note the wonderful twist on the fender struts.

Then there’s the killer front fork suspension:

But there’s more!  That’s one heavy-duty rear rack, and those pegs — this baby is outfitted for some serious stunt riding.

That’s one serious shifter.  It wouldn’t look out of place in a vintage race car — or the cockpit of a plane.

I think there is something electrical going on, too (or maybe it’s been removed?) This component says “charger” on the backside. I couldn’t figure out where said electrical bits were.

Nor could I find any manufacturer information on the frame, but here’s what the head badge looks like:

I’m thinking that little island has some really interesting two-wheeling stuff going on . . .