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A Most Unusual Garden

When last seen on our very short ride in upstate New York, Basil and I had encountered this fellow:

He’s inside a marvelous arbor.  Basil posed with him, next to the structure:

There’s an impressive crown soaring skyward, with decorative bits at the corners, and a curl of metal floating in the wind.

The rail along the back, just above the elegantly-attired Mr. Goose, features a series of head sculptures.

They’re cast of metal, and feature a most distinctive phiz: a portrait of the artist, perhaps?

There’s a nod to Mr. Goose’s own kind (or his cousins) along a support beam.

Half-hidden behind the arbor is an almost-secret garden, with a clearing, places to sit, and more whimsical creations.  Not having been properly invited, we did not enter.

Over to the right were more surprises. Fancy a cup of coffee, anyone?  These appear to be coffee grinders (though I suppose they could be spice grinders . . . yuuummm . . . Indian, anyone???)

But wait! What was that rising from the scrub farther to the right?

It’s three colossal figures!

Remember those computer components you tossed? They may have found a new life in New York state, reborn as Component Homage:

Front and center is Steel Man (not to be confused with the Tin Man of Oz fame). (Steel Woman? Who am I to say?)

Farthest right is Spinning Tower (though it doesn’t spin; it’s just enticingly endowed with lots of gears and wheels):

Should anyone care to sit and contemplate these wonders, the creator has provided a bench

. . .  a  regal bench, no less.

You can just make out part of Basil’s frame, below. He and Mr. Goose visited while I snapped pictures.

Would I have spotted this most unusual garden if I hadn’t been riding my bicycle?  Perhaps . . . but then, if I’d been in a car, I would likely have been in a hurry, wouldn’t I, so it just wouldn’t have been the same, would it?

(Rochester, New York)

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