Innovations in Parking

Urban parking: The sky’s the limit.

Now your vehicle can ride a primitive elevator and spend the day braving the elements high above street level.  I’ve seen these contraptions in Philadelphia and New York City (where this one is located).

It’s an interesting solution, though perhaps not without its downside:  I’ve read reports of cars being mangled when not loaded properly, and of at least one worker crushed when a car brake wasn’t set correctly.

But what really caught my eye was this sign:  Room for only thirteen bicycles, so I’m guessing they aren’t being stored celestially.

2 replies on “Innovations in Parking”

You know, that’s not a bad price if the bike is guaranteed secure and theft-free. Tons cheaper than replacing wheels. That parking and sales tax rate is over the top. Yowza.

Yeah, the idea of paying $20 a month to keep your bike safe during working hours in New York City really isn’t as crazy as it seems at first blush . . . and those car park rates are a real incentive to cycle!

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