Well, Phooey!

This is not a happy sight: Basil in his closet. We’ve been grounded.

I’ve had an unexpected small, but deep, surgery on a lower leg, and have been informed, by the man who should know, that bicycling is the “worst thing possible” that I could do while the incision mends.

Neither Basil nor I are pleased.

Thanks to a frenetic summer, posts will continue, because I’ve got a backlog.  I’ll just be sobbing over the keyboard as I write them . . .

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Oh no, say it ain’t so.

We gotta do what we gotta do. Cycling, Basil and buddies like our crew give you the motivation and strength to heal and get back in the saddle.

Your title shows great restraint! Sorry to hear of your time off; hopefully you can use it to make solid plans for future rides. May you mend soon and well!

With the sparseness of info & the lack of photos we can only hope that the news on a full recovery isn’t relegated into the backlog? Get well soon.

Just a nasty little incision on a lower leg, Ian. No photos will be forthcoming; I suspect I’ll be wearing the scar for a long time, and that’s quite enough. I suspect that there will probably be an immediate celebratory post as soon as the ban is lifted, backlog or not!

This is why there is a day of rest that is important…no matter what you call it…Important for reflection, healing, rebuilding of strength both physical and mental.

Appreciate and savor the time off.

Cycling and Basil will allow you to heal faster and be mindful.

The Zen Dentist

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