Clothing Gear

Sun Sleeves

Sun screen, essential though it may be, is a sticky mess. Even “dry” sunscreen isn’t very nice stuff.  Add to that the necessity of slapping it on all-too-frequently, and you’ve got a prescription for avoidance.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair of sun sleeves.  These are made by Specialized; I didn’t research them very carefully, as I wanted them quickly, and sun sleeves have already mostly disappeared from the brick-and-mortar stores I’ve checked (it’s time to stock for fall, don’t you know?), so I hope they do the trick.

Tight bands around my arms — and backpacks — have always been problematic for me, so I’ve had to compromise between keeping my arms from going numb, and getting enough grip at the upper ends of the sleeves in order to keep them on. We’ll see how this works out — maybe I’ll need garters across my collar and back??