Brim on a Nutcase

I love my Nutcase Watermelon helmet; it’s the one I wear all winter long.  At a bike expo last year, I bought a brim for it.


The brim seemed like a silly idea:  How could something so small make such a difference?  It did, as it turns out; it blocks just enough light, and is kind to my eyes.


The brim is just friction-fit to the helmet.  Over time, the slot appears to have widened, and the brim now has a tendency to slip out at inopportune moments.

I’ve actually found it on the ground a couple of times, when carrying the helmet.  That’s not good.


Apparently, the styrofoam inner shell is compressing a bit, widening the gap into which the visor friction-fits.  That’s not a particularly cheering thought, though I suppose the square-inchage (so to speak) involved is pretty small.

I’m loath to use an adhesive to hold the brim in place; that could do a really nice job of neutralizing the foam shell.  Maybe Nutcase will come up with a better solution?  I’d like that — I’m quite used to the brim, and will miss it if it disappears one day.

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Nice choice – I do like the melon design.
I bought a solid color Nutcase, while in Texas, which I gave to a buddy.
I might get one for the winter months in Atlanta.

Sorry to hear about the Styrofoam compressing. Have you tried contacting Nutcase and see if they can fix/replace?

Peace :)

I’ll send them a note, for sure, Chandra, since it’s a problem they might want to look at, though I don’t think they sell a lot of the brims. I’ve never seen it except at bike expos.

Mini visor on helmet are nice. Blocks the sunlight and raining from the eyes.

Im using Bern Brentwood, comes with a visor. very secure. Maybe you can consider that if u are looking to invest another helmet.

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