Argyll Checks In

Back before the 5 Boro Bike Tour, Argyll and I went to New York. Subsequently, various events and circumstances overwhelmed the schedule, and I lost track of his adventures.

ar-bsI did manage to chronicle the trip back to New York, but not our gadding about while there.  In order to avoid giving Argyll short shrift, I’m backtracking a bit here, and recording our flitting about on that trip.

Once we were settled in at the Manhattanites’s in Washington Heights, we hopped the cross town bus, due to my reluctance to ride certain segments of upper Manhattan streets in rain, and headed to NYCeWheels.

ar-opWe arrived before the store opened.  Argyll waited beneath a giant folder in the NYCeWheels window.


That white beast appears to be a Pacific Cycles IF Mode, a full-size folding bike.  I think it’s easily twice the size of a Brompton.  Maybe three times.


Once we were in, Steve put Argyll up on the stand behind the counter.  All that inventory is distracting, but it’s pretty cool to see a beautiful little Brompton suspended in mid-air.  I wonder if Dr. Diarist would go for this look in our living room?


I paused to admire the fold of yellow Bromptons NYCeWheels uses for their free tours, and for loans to Brommie Yummie.  Riding Brompton 1 of this fleet is what convinced me that a Brompton was the right bicycle for me.


That yellow imprinted, of course, and that’s the color of Basil’s frame.  (Visibility, folks, that’s where it is for me!), but just about any Brompton color evokes a little frisson of glee.  Look at that Arctic Blue!  And that Apple Green!


I took a walk and got some coffee while Steve looked over Argyll.  It was a beautiful day; the Upper East Side felt fresh and new in the rain.


I found goodies to take back to the Manhattanites, but they got saved for later.  The Manhattanites got consecutively ill during our visit, which put a damper on enticing meals.  Inside the container?  Fairway’s incredible roasted artichoke hearts.


Less incredible were my blue fingers.  How did that happen?  Weeellll, it turned out that Fairway’s plastic bag bled.


Messy, and most surprising, since what goes inside a Fairway bag is almost universally excellent.


We cycled just a few familiar blocks, in spite of damp streets, and then returned on the subway.  I was reading a Travis McGee mystery — a pulp paperback from the early 1960s; they’re a perfect size to stuff in a pocket.

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IMHO Brompton is the most compactly folding bicycle and it is so easy to fold. I am with you!

Your lunch looks great. I guess the wedge shapes are cheeses.
Such a nice selection of food for lunch – Hooray!

The coloration on your fingers reminds me of an old experience that I had. Not as pretty as yours, but I will share it anyways, if you don’t mind. You may find it amusing.

Back in 1991, I was hospitalized because of a fever and chest congestion that I couldn’t simply get rid of. They tested me for all sorts of things, except Malaria, which is what it turned out to be.

One of the tests was a test for Tuberculosis; for which, they give you intradermal injection and check if the area around the area where the injection was given, the next day, for things including redness. The hospital wasn’t air-conditioned and I had a brand new red shirt on and you can imagine the rest. I had to convince the doctor that it was the red dye from my shirt.

Glad your experience was a much better one than mine :)

Have fun with your adventures.

Peace :)

Cheeses indeed, Chandra: Blue d’affnois, Rouzaire de meaux, Bartori bellavitano espresso. I’ve had (and liked very much) the first two, but the third was an experiment. You’ve reminded me that I need to get the Manhattanites’s take on what they thought of the third.

That’s a great (if scary) tale — maybe I was lucky I wasn’t near a hospital! Isn’t there a type of poison that can turn extremities blue? I might have been in trouble if a doctor had been near!

The McGee books are written by John McDonald, Chandra — I probably should have put the actual author’s name in the post, instead of the character’s. McDonald wrote well over 100 books, and sometimes I forget which is the name of the author, and which the name of his main character.

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