Basil, En-Scène

He ain’t heavy . . .

.  .  .  he’s my Brompton!


Dr. Diarist hefted Basil recently — Basil with his Ergon grips; his Zefal toe clips; his sleek water bottle cage; and his stocked under-saddle bag (all weighing mere ounces!) — and Argyll, still lacking any customization at all.

“That Basil’s really a porker, isn’t he?” said Dr. Diarist.

(I carry Basil on stairs unfolded.  For a short person like me — and sometimes for others, too — that geometry is just right.  And easy. And would be even if Basil were a little zaftig!  Which, just for the record, he is not!)

6 replies on “He ain’t heavy . . .”

There’s not much meat on him, but what there is…

(I’m snickering over the unkosher confluence of “porker” and “zaftig.”)

Definitely, one way to carry, if there is not a crowd around.
I commend you on your agility, BD!

I fold mine and even use the elevator on days when the stairs are wet.
They have slate/marble stairs at the Marta stations here, which sweat when it is really humid and I am skittish walking on them, at times.

PS. I am still working on reducing the load in my T-Bag :) Work in progress, ya know? :) :)

In the subway in New York, Chandra, I tend to hold Basil in a more vertical line, so we’re not taking up much more space than I do alone. Amazingly, that works pretty well, even in crowds. But Marta is doing better by you if you have working elevators — even when I can find them in NYC, they’re not usually functional.

Damp stone stairs would be a concern for me, for sure.

Ah, the “reduce stuff in my bag” dilemma: I know it well. Fight the good fight; you’ll get there!

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