Brompton National Championship

BNC 2014: The Media Links

Here’s a round-up of coverage of the 2014 Washington, DC US Brompton National Championship, beginning with coverage by Fernando, who has a couple of excellent posts (and a lot of great photos) on his blog, The Dirty Brompton:

2014 BUSC Recap Part 1: Friday Night – The British Embassy

2014 BUSC Recap Part 2: Brompton Urban Challenge

Thanks to diligent research by Saul, Ian and others, here is an extensive list of other coverage as well:

Washington Post Article and Video

BicycleSPACE/Brompton Video, with various spottings, including many of Peter, of NYCeWheels

Kevin Ulrich:  Start of the race (Argyll and Basil spotted at 7 seconds)

Fernando Ma’s Helmet Cam Video  (great look at the course:  see and hear those cobblestones!)

Link to Gwenda Atkinson’s BicycleSPACE Embassy Night photos

WTOP News (very short clip)

BUSC2014 Tagboard

Calhoun Cycle Flickr Set

BicycleSPACE Urban Challenge Post

BicycleSPACE Faces at the Races

Photos by Amy Ta

What fun!  In spite of several frantic weeks here at the Diarist homestead since the BNC, we’re still basking in the afterglow.

This Sunday, July 27, the 2014 Brompton World Championship will be held at Goodwood motor track, with fierce competition amongst the winners of the individual National challenges, and two other events, as well.  Basil and Argyll will miss this one, but if the event ever moves back to Blenheim, there’s a chance we might be on the next plane.

Basil and I will be travelling for the next week, and, unusually, I haven’t been able to line up automatic posts for while we are gone.  (Real life is so annoyingly time-consuming!)  Posting and responses to comments and email will resume when we return.