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Cupcake Picnic

The day before the French Creek Iron Tour, Dr. Diarist and I went for a short ride, and stopped at a farmers’ market.

fm-bbThe amazingly capacious Brompton basket is just made for errands like this one.

fm-enIn fact, it threatens to dwarf Basil.  Argyll looks twice as slim, unencumbered as he is.

fm-ckConsuming cupcakes the day before a somewhat hilly 30 mile/48.2 km event may not have been the best strategy, but it was a tasty one.

fm-opWe had company in the form of a small opportunist.

fm-ntEvidence all over the picnic pavilion suggested that other forms of wildlife had previously been resident.  Presumably the parks department had issued the usual eviction notices.


This was such a short ride that Dr. Diarist and I were both wearing street clothes, which is unusual for us.  Say what you will about spandex, it does make long rides far more comfortable than anything else!


We took an unusual route back; Dr. Diarist had discovered a hidden alley neither one of us had known about.  It was paved here, but a tangled path further along, which was probably why we’d missed it.

3 replies on “Cupcake Picnic”

I had no idea, Chandra! I had to Google Batman and cupcakes to figure out that the caped crusader had been a shill for Hostess cupcakes!

Now I’m wondering: Did Batman find a tragic end in a diabetic coma? I’m not sorry that our perceptions of wholesome snacks has changed quite a bit since the days when Hostess ruled the lunch box.

Whoops, I think I’ve been more dense than I thought, Chandra — Dr. Diarist has pointed out that the shirt he’s wearing in this post is a riff on Batman. Silly me — I thought it was just a marvelous Edward Gorey drawing. Shows what I know!

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