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CVT Ride, the Last of May

The Chester Valley Trail is getting a real workout now that summer is here.  It’s  a nice, easy, run with a lot of beautiful landscape, some suburban views, just enough lightly rolling terrain and  a few small inclines to keep things interesting.


Steve marshalled the troops before we began.


Then we were off.  The bowered trail is so restorative!

People tend to drop off at points along these rides.  By the time we got to Wegman’s, on the leg back, and stopped for refection, there were only four of us left.

Basil came in with me, because, you know, he’d rather have the whole experience.


On the other hand, he was perfectly happy hanging with the big guys while we ate lunch.


I’m beginning to think of this trail as if it’s a national treasure.  The full ride on the main section is now about 22 miles/35.4 km; that’s a perfect length for a basic recreational ride!

2 replies on “CVT Ride, the Last of May”

Pray tell if there may be some hidden meaning in the titled May? I say this with the hope that May may not be the month of May but may indeed be… (stoppit Ian, get to the point). Does the blogger have some plan to calm the excitement that is coming over readers who are anxious to know the outcome of all the coming BNC events? Are my fears of some delay in blog posts reflected in this post name? Please advise; some of us readers may need help for that time when “Brommie is out of town”.

Gulp. Yes, Ian, what you suspect is true: I am more than a month behind on blog posts. For my own reasons, I prefer to do them chronologically, but my recent lassitudinous approach has created a problem, at which you hint: Even formal cycling events are being reported quite late in the game.

If time allows, this week will see a blitz of catch-up posts. Nonetheless, no BNC coverage will occur until we return; the Luddite in me demands that I experience events without live-blogging them. However, if all works out, the BNC will find its way to these pages well before the event is truly stale.

PS — the excitement level here Chez Diary is quite high! (Fields of Brompton! Be still, my heart!)

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