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We Ride Again (If Only Briefly)

Things have been hopping around here.  Dr. Diarist has a new job, and we’ve been switching things up to accommodate the changes that brings; the upshot is that the ride we took yesterday was our first in just over two weeks.  Basil and Argyll are not pleased with us. Things are looking up for our Bromptons, though, and it won’t be long before we’re back riding more consistently.


Along the way, Dr. Diarist demonstrated Argyll’s finer features to these two cheerful pedestrians; she’s just started working for a bicycle distributor, and he was learning to ride his long board, which we were sorry we didn’t get into the picture.


We decided to check out the Struble Trail, which has been closed much of the summer for a gas line repair.  That rather temporary-looking sign says “Approved Access Road”.  Argyll and Basil are pleased about this; access to the trail is good!

st-mwA little further on, this sign caused a little dismay, but the work being done is off-trail, so our progress was unimpeded.


It was a lovely day.  In another week or two, things should simmer down to a new normal.  (I’ve got a deadline to meet, myself.)  Basil and Argyll are more than ready.  This sitting around the closet stuff is not what Bromptons are made for.

10 replies on “We Ride Again (If Only Briefly)”

And yet I recall so well the days Before Argyll, when there was a fair amount of near-eye-rolling over my adoration of Basil . . . oh, how the mighty fall!

(You’re already on the rebound, Saul! Hurray!)

Rides won’t be the same without you, Saul: We’re hoping for steady mending, and that as fast as possible. Good thing you know so well all the things you teach the rest of us: day by day, even if the pace seems awfully slow, we do get where we need to be. It’s all about the journey — just rotten luck that sometimes there’s a detour on the way.

I have missed your posts, somehow.
Oops is right.
Good to catch-up!
Hope the new job is satisfying for Mr. Diarist and y’all get to ride together a lot.
Peace :)

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