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Slow Progress, on Various Fronts

Basil and I checked out the new parking area at the Exton end of the Chester Valley Trail the other day.  The expanded lot is painted; it looks as if they’re only waiting to put the occasional tree in place before opening it.


They’ve added fencing to keep the riff-raff out.


Later, Dr. Diarist, Argyll, Basil and I returned on a weekend.  That new parking section can’t come a moment too soon.  It’s too far to see clearly, but most of the cars in that front row are parked on grass, not the existing lot.


That sky!  I love the raggedy extension of the trail here, coming up on King of Prussia. (It’s a town.  I know, I know . . . . )


Well, the trail’s not actually raggedy, but the environs are definitely industrial for this short stretch.


It think this is an old rail bridge, but I forgot to double-check.  It was about time for pizza, which was only a couple of miles/3.2 km away.


Basil and Argyll were pleased to get a chance to roll together.  Things have been a bit mad around the Diarist place, what with a lot of (good!) changes, and all.  The Bromptons have been feeling neglected.


Be patient, little guys — the new phase is almost over. Proper (and more frequent) riding will commence soon.

7 replies on “Slow Progress, on Various Fronts”

Speaking of changes, is that a dark saddle I detect on Basil? If so, IMHO the tan saddle had an eclectic “Je ne said quoi.”

Hi Brommie,
Great to enjoy what’s available and I see y’all are making full use of the resources like the trail you have posted about. How nice!

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Peace :)

Yes, indeed, Cathy. It’s the Bar-ista modification Basil’s also used it in the past. It would be my favorite solution ever, if only I could figure out how to make it flip up or down without using a wing nut. My version is just a little too kludgy — and it scrapes the handlebars slightly when the attachement ring is rotated, even with a rubber buffer under it.

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