Testing, Testing

We’re slowly adapting to a new normal here, what with shifted schedules and all, and I’m finally beginning to ride Basil a little more than I’ve been able to in the past few weeks.  At the moment, I’m testing the new Brooks Cambium saddle, and gradually extending the lengths of our rides.


The Cambium is a vegan departure from the famous Brooks saddle, made of linen and rubber — and designed with a very sleek profile.  So far, I like it very well, but I’ll need a few more longer rides to determine if this is the way to go.

Basil still looks a little odd to me when he’s got a light saddle.  That’s my fault:  my little workhorse Brompton is covered in black accessories.  If we go for the Cambium, we’ll have to get the darker version.

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Hi Brommie,
Glad to hear about the new saddle and I look forward to reading your reports.
I know a few who might actually buy the ‘vegan’ Brooks.
Peace :)

Perhaps the wrong posting location but are you aware that OffYerBike offers their handles in various colours (such as yellow) – & leather handles too (soon?). As for your admirable saddle experimentation, I look forward to your new M Bag line of products in Cambium matching shades?

Yes, Ian, I did see the impressive array of colors at the OYB website (and probably should have mentioned them in the post). I’m just boring at heart, though, and generally go for black. There’s the grubbiness issue, of course, but also various blacks seem to go together well whereas other colors often clash.

Hmmm . . . bags for Basil in a Cabrium-like charcoal linen? I’ll have to think about this. Basil’s so much the sporty type, but maybe he has an as-yet-unexplored classic side, too.

I wonder how the Cambium ride compares to the Brooks leather. And I agree that black will look best on Basil.

Hoping that this is your comfort solution, Brommie!

I’m really curious, too, Cathy. A Cambium purchase is temporarily on hold — I’m holding off until I try another saddle I already own — if nothing else, I need something to use while waiting for the Cambium. Getting the other saddle onto Basil was a mini-saga on its own, but that’s for another day.

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