Accessory Mount for a Brompton

When I added my custom water bottle holder to my Brompton bicycle, the straps took up the space I’d used for my GPS, which formerly rested on the lower part of Basil’s M handlebar.


A lot of diligent searching turned up the accessory bar that my Garmin is attached to in the photo above.  I found it buried on a rack in a small plastic bag at a brick-and-mortar bike shop, without much in the way of distinctive labelling.

This little device is as simple as it can be:  just a tube that connects with a loop to the handlebars; the “clock face” you see above is the connector for the Garmin.  It’s a Profile Design New Universal Computer Mount (model ACUCMXL1, according to the package).


This compact bar installs without tools and stays in place flawlessly.  For my small Garmin, it was a perfect fix.

Do beware that there are two sizes:  I think it likely that mine is the XL (60mm); a Brompton’s bars are relatively thick.  In a burst of unusual efficiency, I tossed the wrapper before double-checking. (The “XL” in the model code above may be a clue.)


This is what I see when riding — a pretty sleek cockpit!  If anything, my GPS is even a little more accessible than it was.  At around $10 (USD), I am very pleased with this device.

It may be hard to find:  The link above is to Amazon because I couldn’t locate it on the Profile Design website, which lacks a useful search function.  Poking around at every random LBS you are near could pay off, though — it always does for me!

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Hi Brommie,
Both the bottle holder and the GPS mount are good additions.
Glad to see you are braving the cold and riding through winter.
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

it looks like the two different sizes refer to the length of the tube not the diameter of bar they fit.

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