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Errandonnee 2015: DNF

Well, that was a bust:  we Did Not Finish. I had high hopes, though.  Schedules were tight, so I knew that succeeding at Errandonnee 2015 would be tricky.  To start, Basil and I set out to knock off as many errands as possible on a very short ride.

err15-mgFirst we headed to a bookstore, and checked out the biking magazines (Errand 1).  (We weren’t too impressed; they seem to be getting less relevant and less inspirational every month.  Of course, Basil is a Brompton, so why would I need a buyer’s guide.  Heh, heh.)

err15-libThen we headed to the library (Errand 2), where Basil shared our books with a couple of very cold children outside the front door.

err15-cofWe stopped for coffee (Errand 3) — iced coffee on a cold day, my favorite! — and then rode a nearby trail for a bit, stopping to admire the end-of-winter scenery.

err15-aqAfter popping into a sporting goods store (Errand 4) in search of a wool Buff (a fail; they’re hard to find in stores; also I forgot to take a photo), we got lunch (Errand 5) at a pizza place.  (“Mediterranean Salad”, yum!)

err15-pzOn the way back, we stopped to admire the icy waters of a pond.  Ice: that was this winter’s theme, all over our world.

err-15icWe managed five errands, covering only about six miles/9.6 km.  Unfortunately I had only one day free left during the challenge period to complete the full slate of 12 errands and the remainder of the 30 miles/48 km required.

All would have worked out fine if that particular day hadn’t coincided with our final storm of the season.  That storm was a doozy — a doozy which vanished in 24 hours, but, even so, that was a day too late for us.

No matter; Coffeeneuring is next up, in the fall, and next March we’ll give Errandonneuring another go.

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Aaaaand she’s back!! So good to see you emerge from winter, Brommie. Happy spring cycling!

It seems to be that you have completed the coveted mini Errandonnee 2015. Congratulations on your achievement and winning the initial award in this great event. From this point forward it shall be known as the Marty Mini Errandonnee.

I’d like to thank our Fearless Leader (Saul!) and all the cyclists I’ve ever shared a path with for this (prestigious?) award . . . however, I don’t think I’ll be mentioning it to MG, Errandonnee’s founder, who might, perhaps, take a dimmer view of my (almost non-existent?) achievement!

a true achievement, no matter how small, is far greater than a non-achievement achievement for which one receives great praise or reward.


Don’t look back, someone may be gaining on you.

Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

The most important step is showing up.

….and an assortment of other bumper stickers

If it weren’t time-tested wisdom, it wouldn’t be on a bumper sticker.

I don’t know MG in person, but I think she’d be pleased by our girl’s mini-Errandonnée. From each according to her ability or available time, etc.

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