My Brompton

Basil Gets a Flat

This bucolic scene was the start of what was meant as a long, satisfying ride:

Fewer than three miles later, I rode over a wooden bridge, and apparently missed something crucial.  Barely off the bridge, I felt a “thump, thump” that I remembered from flat tires when I was a child.  Close inspection revealed a totally air-less tire, and Basil’s valve stem at a crazy angle:

It was the rear tire.  Oh, drat.  I’d have fixed a front tire on my own, but the rear?  Basil had barely 300 miles on him, and a 6-speed BWR gear hub.  No way was I going to tackle that fix on my own.

We waited for rescue by Mr. Diarist:

I couldn’t see any reason why my super Marathon tire should have deflated.  I felt a bit deflated myself.  As soon as we got home, I made arrangements for Basil’s 90-day check-up, and made plans to take him back to the dealer for that, and the repair.


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I’m sorry to hear you had a puncture. I also have the six-speed BWR and Marathon tyres and I dread having a rear puncture. There are some very good technical videos on the Brompton website but even though I have seen the one on rear wheel removal and gear adjustment, I feel I would have to watch it 10 times then practice in my garage before I felt confident to repair a flat out on the road.

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