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We Go to New York

My wounded Basil and I hopped a train to New York City to take care of his flat tire and his 300-mile-or-so, 90-day-or-so, check-up.  We took off on a lovely foggy day.

I’d actually had Basil for only 60 days, but, as the mileage was on target, this worked out well.  As usual, on an Amtrak train, Basil and his T Bag  tucked in nicely at the front of the car, with me close by.

I love fog and mist, so this was an especially fun ride for me.

A  SEPTA train passed us on the way.  The destination LEDs flipped between the actual destination and “Happy Holidays”, which I tried, but failed, to capture.

The city was truly “socked-in”.

I don’t think I’ve ever come into the city when visibility was so poor.  Fog is s little less romantic on this scale, but, even here, I still enjoy its fuzzy wool-ness.