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Bright Lights

while in New York, I’m afraid, not actually on Basil.  For the first time in a long time, I ran about the city checking out the holiday lights.  All the stuff tourists check out, rather than New Yorkers.  First, the tree in Rockefeller Plaza, which I think I hadn’t seen since I was a small child.

It was big.  And bright.  But not precisely decorated.  Nonetheless, it was a cheery sight.

The plaza was lined with trumpeting angels.

A very small tree nearby, in the window of the Metropolitan Museum shop, was artfully contrived, with all the requisite frou-frou.

Blue lights and metallic flags ringed the area. For a minute, I thought I was at the UN Plaza.  (Well, not really.  But all those flags did create the association.)

I’m a sucker for white decorative lights. Why is that, do you suppose?  Perhaps because they are star-like?

I was in the city during Chanukkah, and saw many chanukkiahot, but didn’t feel comfortable photographing them.  Christmas in the USA is an almost exclusively secular affair, but a single, lit, chanukkia is still very much a religious symbol.  I enjoyed the candle lights (even the electric ones), but was not inspired to capture their images.