My Brompton

Basil Gets a New Tire

I took Basil into NYCeWheels via the subway and a cross-town bus.  He fits very nicely on the M79, thanks to a cut in the seat row, mid-bus.

Here he is, turned around.  You can see a little better, here, how he just fits up next to the back of the conventional seat in front.

I got to the shop just as Peter was arriving, and he kindly let me in and took Basil’s information.  I mentioned my surprise at having gotten a flat on such a new Marathon, and suggested that I’d like to replace it with a Marathon Plus, in the rear only.  Peter said that if it was defective, they’d certainly replace it at no charge, but that the shop doesn’t carry the Marathon Plus tire, since they’ve had such good luck with the Marathons. Peter warned me, too, that Basil wouldn’t leave with the beautiful metal valve stems he had arrived with; they don’t stock those, either.

I had anticipated losing the delightful transparent cap, and had already removed it.  I admit that it was a bit of a blow to realize that Basil’s rear tire would, henceforth, have a black rubber valve stem, and a more conventional cap.  I’ll save the original in case there’s an opportunity in the future to spend unnecessary dollars on a metal valve stemmed tube.

When I returned to pick up Basil, Alex informed me that they had pulled a nail out of the side of the tire.  That was a shock . . . but I guess I can’t exactly complain about a Marathon failing to stand up to a nail.  I’d apparently missed it when crossing a wooden bridge with gaps between the boards. In truth, it probably never occurred to me to watch for a hazard other than those gaps..

There had been a small  manufacturing defect on the side of the tire — unrelated to the flat — and NYCeWheels were kind enough to replace it under warranty, which I appreciated.  I bought an extra tube, though, since obviously flats can, and will, happen.  Basil was returned to me in perfect shape to begin the next phase of our riding history.