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High Vis Hands

Stacking the odds in my favor appeals to me, so I ride in screaming neon virtually all the time. It’s no problem finding jackets, jerseys, vests, and tank tops in fluorescent colors, but gloves are another matter.  My hands are smallish and my fingers more stubby than not, so fitting even women’s gloves can be problematic.

It’s obvious that a hand in a neon glove is a lot more noticeable than one in a black glove.

When I went out recently wearing another top with super-long sleeves and thumb holes, I realized that I had a built-in solution to the “make the hands visible” problem:  Pull the cuffs over the gloves.  Perfect!

In the spring, I’ll just make a couple of  “sleeves” from neon spandex, with thumb holes, so that they don’t shift, and wear them with whatever, ending, presumably forever, my endless search for ready-made high visibility cycling gloves.

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I’m a big fan of the “make sure they have no excuse not to see me” approach to cycling, so I love the idea of flourscent hands. Managing that in a warm climate like the one in Phoenix might be a real challenge, though, except on those cool nights. That’s an interesting problem.

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