Self-Made T Bag, Update

I made an amateur mistake when putting together my Lightweight Brompton Bag. Instead of folding under  the edge of the middle webbing strap, I simply sewed across the (melted) end. Here’s what it looked like after I used it as a travel bag on my ill-fated trip to (not) pickup my Brompton:

Bar-tacking directly across the melted end only made it easier for the end to separate from the strap.  I knew better!  The right way to handle the strap end is to melt it (as I did), and then fold the end under, protecting it, before stitching across the strap. Here’s the properly-done fix:

Actually, it’s not quite proper, since the fraying chewed up so much of the strap.  I melted the end, turned it twice, and then zigzagged like mad (and in two rows) across the end.  This is inelegant; better to do it right the first time.

Since I was messing around with the bag anyway, I also added elastic to the top of the mesh front pocket. I just strung it though the upper edge of the mesh.

As I’d suspected, I didn’t really need it to hold the magazine(s) I was carrying in it, but the elastic keeps the edge in a bit, and definitely gives the bag a more finished look:

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