My Brompton

Sunny January

Usually I prefer long rides on my Brompton, but every now and then I just want to noodle around casually, and explore town a bit. On this trip, Basil and I stopped at a bookstore.

It’s difficult to see in the photo of Basil (who is, himself, washed-out by the stupendously bright sun), but that’s a Christmas tree in the window:

Might be a great idea for next year, no?  Give the whole family books, and stack ’em high. No murdered evergreen and no dropped needles. (And a year’s worth of good reads when you dismantle it all!)  This bookstore will be moving soon, which may explain why the “tree” was still up.

Basil caught the eye of a number of people in and around the store.  We demonstrated Basil’s marvelous fold, and enjoyed some companionable (and evangelical!) moments with some very pleasant folks.

Then we stopped into a coffee shop so that I could buy a packet of nuts. I’ve become enamored of  the almond/cranberry packet, but grabbed the wrong one today.

This one — cashews — was tasty, but, with only 1 gram of fiber it didn’t meet the “healthy serving” test.  The almond/cranberry packet has 4 grams. If I’m going to eat caloric nuts at all, I want them to meet the “3 grams of fiber per serving” test.  I seem to have the nutritional data down, but failed to read the descriptive label on the packet.  Hmm.

I spent more time in the bookstore, and less time taking photos, today, but snapped this house, whose geometry reminds me of many I used to see on the West Coast.  Love all that stone!